Police Uniform Role Play for Kids Police Costume Toy Handcuffs

    • Let your little ones catch the bad guys by wearing kids police costume every time they wanted to.
    • The role play set comes with kids police vest, toy handcuffs, baton, toy badge, personalized ID, toy gun, whistle, walkie-talkie, police hat and a flashlight.
    • Now your kids ages 3 to 6 years old can start enjoying the police kit uniform during career costume day at school or even on Halloween.


    1 x Police Officer Vest
    1 x Police Officer Hat
    1 x Police Office Badge
    1 x Police Office Baton
    1 x Whistle
    1 x Walkie-Talkie (Batteries Not Included)
    1 x Flash Light (Batteries Not Included)
    1 x Personalized Identification
    1 x Toy Gun
    1 x Handcuff
    1 x Handcuff key

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